Mersin Medical Center Healthcare Services


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Mersin City Training and Research Hospital with its high level technological infrastructure and specialized physician team is taking firm steps to become a brand in health tourism.Our scientific and ethical approach offers our patients the best treatment options regardless of their religion, language and race.

Hospital's General Characteristics

Three-block hospital;

First block: General, Oncology and Psychiatric Hospital,

The second block: General and Cardiovascular Hospital,

The third block: Maternity and Children's Hospital.

1300 beds capacity

u 3 VIP rooms

u 21 suite rooms

u 546 single rooms

u 252 double rooms

u 280 Outpatient Rooms

u 210 beds intensive care

u Car park

u Social areas

General- Oncology and Psychıatry

General oncology and psychiatric hospital has 456 bed capacity. Our hospital offers different treatment methods to the cancer of our age with its expert point of view and advanced technology imaging methods. In addition, care is provided to our patients in our palliative care center.

Our hospital, which serves as a different treatment program for each patient, has gained importance in oncologic treatment. Oncological treatment is made in various combinations of 3 different applications. These;

u 1-Medical Oncology; diagnosis of cancers developing from the blood and lymph glands.drug treatment.

u 2-Radiation Oncology; It is radiotherapy application. 3D Conformal Radiotherapy (3D-CRT), Density Adjusted Radiotherapy (MRI), Image Guided Radiotherapy (GCT), Respiratory Control with 4-Dimensional Radiotherapy and Extracranial Radiosurgery offers.

u 3-Oncologic Surgery; All solid organ tumors can be performed both open and laparoscopic.

In Radiation Oncology Clinic, 1 unit CT stimulator, 1 trioglogy, 1 part gamma mad IX brachytherapy device, 3D conformal treatment, IMRT, ARC treatment and brachytherapy procedures can be performed. 

Nuclear  is located under the name of nuclear medicine unit. Patients with thyroid cancer who have been diagnosed and treated with thyroid diseases have 6-bed service with radioactive iodine treatment.

General and Cardiovascular Surgery

Our hospital's General and Cardiovascular Hospital has a capacity of 377 beds and we provide services in all kinds of surgical branches that patients may need.

  • General surgery
  • Gastroenterologic Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery
  • Urology
  • Eye
  • Oncologic Surgery
  • Jineko-oncologic surgery
  • Cardio-vascular surgery
  • Brain surgeon
  • Plastic surgery
  • Chest surgery
  • Orthopedics and  traumatology
  • Ear nose throat
  • Children's surgery

Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital

Our Hospital Obstetric and Pediatrics Hospital has a capacity of 436 beds. We are serving women and side branches.

  • Gynecology-oncology,
  • Perinatal

Child Diseases And Side Branches

  • Pediatry
  • Child endocrine
  • Child metabolism
  • Child cardiology
  • Child Psychiatry
  • Child hematology-oncology
  • Children's surgery
  • Children's surgery
  • Children's chest diseases
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Child infection
  • Child nephrology
  • Child immunology and allergy

Burn Unit

We have a total of 10 beds with 6 service and 4 intensive care units.

  • Escharectomy,
  • Fasiyato me,
  • Escharotomy,
  • Grafting,
  • Flap etc. operations are performed successfully.

Hyperbaric Unit

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment that is administered by breathing 100% oxygen to the patient under pressure in a pressure chamber. HBOT is a modern and scientific treatment method supported by more than 6000 studies.

 In many cases, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used in our country.

  • Caisson disease (decompression  sickness),
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning,
  • Gas gangrene,
  • Wound healing is delayed,
  • Suspected skin grafts and flaps,
  • Chronic osteomyelitis,
  • Sudden loss of vision, sudden hearing loss,
  • Radiation necrosis,
  • Burn,
  • Anoxic encephalopathy

Physical Treatment Unit

Our Hospital's Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic also offers special treatment programs aimed at improving the congenital disability or the acquired conditions which can significantly affect the quality of life of the clinic. In our clinic, there are 7 specialists, 8 physiotherapists and 6 physical therapy technicians. There are also 1 Lokomat for rehabilitation.

The treatments provided by a specialist team with advanced technical equipment in the clinic include:

  • Parkinson's disease
  • Traumatic brain injury, MS,
  • Cerebral Palsy and Myopathy
  • Peripheral nervous system diseases


  • 1-In our hospital, a separate operation room was created for the health tourism unit. In this room, the unit responsible assistant, regional managers, billing officer and unit secretary were included. Thus, the team was quickly organized and the information flow was ensured.
  • 2-This room is also protected from theft. The council organizes patient reports from abroad and the council is invited to invite specialist doctors to the relevant department.   
  • 3-Routine visits are made by the health tourism unit team to the patients every day. During these visits, the requests, complaints, suggestions and needs of the patients are taken instantly and sent to the necessary units.
  • 4-Ring service between the hours of 18.00-21.00 has been established in order to provide safe transportation of the patients and their relatives to the city center. Thus, the opportunity to spend time in the city center

    away from the hospital environment was provided to the patients and their relatives.

  • 5-Foreign patients in the service, especially in the night shifts, foreign language staff (nurses, HRYT, cleaning) was taken care of.
  • 6-Wi-Fi service was provided free of charge for the services of the patients in our hospital.
  • 7-In every room where our patients stay, television presentations are published in three different language presentations of our hospital.
  • 8-For our patients not to get bored and to feel themselves in the home environment; patients were asked to tell us about the TV channels they watched most in their own countries. The channel list determined by the patients was included in the satellite broadcast.
  • 9-The special food lists, which our patients have informed us as the food cultures in the countries where they come from, were prepared by the experienced cooks in our kitchen after they were approved by our dieticians and presented to the patients and their relatives.
  • 10-In addition, a kitchen was created in the service where our patients stayed for their own meals.


Now, people are not only limited to treatment options in their own countries for the solution of their health problems, but also by looking for the best treatment and price opportunities in other countries.  

  • Long standby times  
  • High cost of treatment  
  • Low service quality  
  • Inadequate health facilities and qualified professional manpower to provide treatment.
  • For all these reasons, health tourism has become a sector in the world.
  • In our country in recent years, due to the provision of qualified health care services to our country, patients come from various countries for treatment purposes.
  • In the light of scientific developments,
  • Health professionals specialized in the field,
  • Top quality service Patient satisfaction and With affordable price options appropriate.